Hope City Center (HCC) prospective clients may only be referred through an in-prison program (advocacy) or one of our ministry/organization partners. Clients must obtain a referral from a caseworker and take a TB test. They must complete an intake interview, including a program overview, and agree to comply with program guidelines. Clients entering the program must be male or female, ages 18-45, with a minimum of 90 days sober. Clients must be willing and able to work.

Phase 1


HCC partners with programs throughout local institutions preparing participants with pre and post release  services while they reintegrathe back into their communities. 

Phase 2


While prepare our participants for continuing educatio, entrepreneurialship  and housing we will continue to advocate on their behalf.

Phase 3


Upon graduation HCC will provide or connect our participapants with a Peer-to-peer Mentorship, Coaching and Networking Partners for up to two years. 


Admissions are determined by Hope City Center's President on a case-by-case basis. We understand that every person is unique and special to God. We also understand that some needs require services other than those Hope City Center is designed to offer. However, in making decisions for admission, each person is considered based on their particular circumstance and their ability to benefit from what HCC offers.


Applicants will be interviewed by our counselor and should be prepared to provide general information relating to personal identification, medical, employment, criminal, military, educational, and family history