Networking Partners

Winston County Self-Help Cooperative

* Winston County Self-Help Cooperative (WCSHC) purpose is to help small farmer purchase and sell in bulk will a goal of creating sustainability in rural communities.

* Choctaw County Extension 

Extension works diligently to promote diversity in both its program and workforce efforts. Understanding the power of diverse thinking, teamwork, and leadership, Extension's efforts in diversity are fostered throughout the organization. Program planning is a key element of Extension's programming thrust. Advisory Councils are one of the primary means by which Extension identifies programming needs for local citizens.

Community Organizations

* World Outreach International Ministries

* Mountain Top Ministeries

* WE Care provides various services for citizens of Winston County, Mississippi. Our services are provided using a holistic approach that are designed to address challenges of the mind, body and spirit. Our goal here at We Care is to assist individuals with breaking destructive life choices.  

Charity Services Centers and Second Chance Society

* Charity Services Centers (CSC) is a law firm that is committed to solving community social challenges by bringing banks and nonprofits together. CSC believes in the value of nonprofits and we want to help your organization reach beyond ordinary approaches to access assistance to achieve greater impact.

* Second Chance Society (SCS) was founded in 2001 by Ms. Pat Owen. Ingrained within the wording of the SCS Mission Statement lay its’ primary purpose which is to help homeless and struggling individuals return to a state of self-sufficiency. With self-sufficiency comes a general state of well-being, self-worth, revitalization, and most importantly, hope.

Spring4Ward, MDC, UM and His Hands Extended

* Spring4Ward is a organization that has a sole of assisting citizens of Miami Dade County returning from local,  state/federal jails and prison.

* Miami Dade College  

Community engagement is an important part of the work we do as educators. We are committed to working with our partners to serve the needs of the community and train students in useful, workforce skills that lead to rewarding careers.

* University of Miami

The Volunteer Opportunities umbrella, maintained and coordinated by the Butler Center, is a collection of student organizations, local nonprofit organizations and campus departments that make up a fully stocked database of volunteer opportunities. 

Hope City Center post volunteer opportunities through their individual OrgSync profiles. OrgSync automatically collects these opportunities into one calendar. Additionally, a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities is displayed on the right hand side of the screen under the day’s weather report.

* His Hand Extended

Business  Consultant, Christian and Family Counseling